Thursday, May 8, 2014

Healthy Chicken Cookbook

Grab this healthy freebie!


This book is your complete guide to slow cooker chicken recipes. Chicken is easily the ultimate crowd pleaser. Whether you are looking for a quick snack or a gourmet meal, chicken is always there to satiate your taste buds. Slow cookers have become the go-to solution for working individuals. 

However, not many dare to experiment with this great invention of the seventies. Slow cookers are more than just a device to prepare easy and simple recipes like stews and soups. These wondrous devices can also be used to prepare more creative and experimental dishes that will make your meals a lot more scrumptious and delectable. And this guide will help you achieve just the goal. 

This recipe book has you, your family, friends, relatives and almost all your special occasions covered. From simple basics to delectable visual and tasteful wonders, within these pages you will find recipes and flavor profiles that will lead you to reinvent your love for your slow-cooker, chicken and food on a whole. The recipes included contain some spins on classics, reinvented popular dishes from all around the world and plenty of original recipes to keep your palate exciting, inventive and forever flavorful. 

This book contains the following: 

Tips for cooking in a slow cooker 
Complete lunch and dinner meals that will instantly become family favorites 
Quick slow cooker chicken recipes 
Recipes for special occasions 
Designated chicken recipes to win your kids’ hearts over with 

If slow cooker is your favorite appliance and chicken your favorite ingredient, then this book is for you. And even in case they aren’t then this book will definitely convert you. So let’s get cookin’! 

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