Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beyond Brisket Basics by Cole Landry

A perfect freebie for this time of year-grab it quick!


This Isn't Another Book About Grilling

The world of competitive BBQ is full of a bunch of really nice folks who are dead serious about putting out top shelf barbecue. Most of them will give you the shirt off their back if it'll help you out, but if you start asking about their cooking secrets...let's just say you shouldn't expect it to end well. This isn't another book about grilling. Cooking on a pit and grilling a burger aren't the same thing. This is about a fire, smoke, and time - not grilling veggies and hot dogs. A lot of 'barbecue' books are really about grilling, or if they are about pit smoking they only offer a lot of vague generalities and ways to convert your kettle grill into a makeshift smoker. In contrast, this cuts the fluff and takes you step by step through prepping and smoking competition worthy brisket. 

This book is written to help you improve your next brisket cook

You probably already know that you can spend a lot of time and a lot of thirty dollar plunks buying one brisket after another and feel good about what results you're getting but knowing that you could be doing better. I want to try and help you become a better pitmaster. I cover things like: 

- Knowing what meat and grade to select 
- Trimming and prepping your brisket, step by step 
- Knowing how to adjust your cook depending on the weather and why it matters 
- Wood types and usage 
- Brisket wrapping methods 
- Fire Management 

We talk real deal Texas BBQ here, and I hope you find it valuable. 

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