Friday, November 15, 2013

Polish Pottery Love

I have received a few very nice emails commenting on how pretty some of the pottery in my pictures are and asking where I bought them. I am married to an active duty Air Force officer and we were stationed at RAF Lakenheath in England for 3 years. During that time I was lucky enough to make some great friends and we took a few "field trips" to Poland to buy directly from the factories. Ya'll, it was like Disneyland for our group. It was so overwhelming to see all of the wonderful patterns, pottery shapes, sizes, and accessories.  I will have to put together some pictures from our trip so that you guys can see for yourselves and appreciate how wonderful these wholesale places are. The first place we stopped, I literally had to stand to the side of the aisle and just look around. I just couldn't take it all in. If  you have never seen a group of women go bat crap crazy and burn up some credit cards, you should take a group trip to Poland with a bunch of military wives! I bought so much over the three years that I was there that I will have to break these posts up and I don't have as much as many of my friends! I have replaced almost all of my regular dishes and baking/casserole dishes with the pottery. Polish pottery comes in a gazillion different patterns but the majority  have the same cobalt blue so that if you are a collector you can easily mix and match them. All of the polish pottery are dishwasher, microwave, and oven proof and they are a snap to clean. Do I sound like a QVC host yet? Speaking of QVC, I am pretty sure that they sell a few pieces of Polish pottery and there are websites that specialize in Polish pottery as well. Well, without further ado here's the pottery porn!

This is the place setting that I went with. 

I also went with the pasta bowls. They are so versatile. I use them for salad, pasta, and rice dishes all of the time.

These pretty baking dishes are one of my favorites to roast chicken and pot roasts in. 

I have yet to bake in this monster. You can fit an 18 lb turkey in this thing so it's huge and heavy, but boy does it look pretty sitting on my sideboard!

My last picture for today are my three large mixing bowls. LOVE them. I use them for mixing of course and they are perfect for rising bread. I hope that you guys enjoyed a little peek into my cabinet!

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  1. What is the pattern Name? Have you ordered any more since back in the USA? If so, what is the website you go through?
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