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This blog is a place to find reviews of cookbooks and a collection of recipes that I have found from various sources. As the wife of  an active duty military guy I have had the opportunity to live in some great places, I have been married to my sweetie for 20 years and we have moved 7 times. Through our adventures I have been blessed to meet so many great people and visit places I'd never dreamed of really seeing as a little girl growing up in Arkansas. I decided that I wanted a place to put all of the recipes that I have collected over the years and it'll be here at The Blissful Plate.My recipes come from family,friends, and things that I have made up along the way that somehow turned out well. Some of the recipes will be ones  where I use store bought ingredients that I just doctor up. I've lived in Japan and England as well as 4 states (Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, now we're stationed back in my home state of Arkansas). While living abroad we visited different countries and I will share my collection of yummy recipes here from my travels.I only make a recipe the "right" way the first time (sometimes not even then) but after that I play around with ingredients and methods until I'm happy with the results. I also stalk the blogs and YouTube, I will link to all of the great sources online that I hunt down, find, and fall for; there's some really great stuff out there. I also have a tab called the Lush List for those of you who enjoy a little cocktail now and again as I do. While living in England I got hooked on both French and German wines, cocktails, and even some beers. Oh the joy of a good Shandy, who knew beer with a little lemonade and ginger ale could be so delicious? I will link all  cookbook reviews to Amazon so that at the very least you can get a feel for how much the book will cost. However, since these are cookbooks not all will be available in eBook form. Let me also warn you that I am a Food Network and Cooking Channel junkie so you will see some of the cookbooks from their shows here as well. Sorry, I can't help myself. Comments,suggestions,and questions will always be welcome. Please check back often as I will try to post frequently.

Happy Eating-

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