Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple As Pie Cookbook Freebie

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One of the best parts of a holiday dinner is dessert. With these great pie recipes, you will be able to find that perfect pie to compliment your perfect Holiday dinner. In my Simple As Pie Cookbook, I include many old family favorite recipes, some of which have been enhanced with a few new twists. For example, I love cream pies, but I don't like eating raw egg's in meringue. So, I use my recipe for cream pie and make a topping that is out of this world. This Cookbook includes recipes for both great dessert pies and a bonus section with delicious savory pies, where you could replace the chicken with leftover turkey.

Old Fashioned Cherry Pie
Tennessee Blackberry Pie
Mountain Blueberry Pie
Berry Cranberry Pie
Fresh Peach Pie
Cherry Berry Peach Pie
Baked Strawberry Pie
Deep Dish Apple Pie
Fabulous Cream Topping
Meringue Topping
Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie
 Coconut Cream Pie
Luscious Lemon Cream Pie
Amazing Banana Cream Pie
Easy Key Lime Pie
Fluffy Strawberry Pie
Rich Chocolate Pecan Pie
Pecan Cookie Pie
Luscious Lemon Chess Pie
Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie
Cinnamon Apple Cake Pie
Classic Butter Crust
Classic Graham Cracker Crust
Cream Cheese Pie Crust
Easy Cookie Pie Crust
Oatmeal Pecan Pie Crust
Chicken Salad Hot Pie
Creamy Chicken Vegetable Pie
Pesto Chicken Pie
Southern Tomato Cheese Pie
Hearty Taco Pie

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