Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Happens A Week Before Thanksgiving

My goal for this week was to make sure that I post at least three times, but fate had a little fun with me instead. While visiting with a relative before a minor surgery on Monday I get a phone call from hubby saying that I may want to come home because we have a problem. Boy did we ever. Our water heater, which is in it's own closet has been leaking for who knows how long and it had ruined the closet space it is contained in and has made a happy little breeding ground for mold. Yes, mold. I was so freaked out that I didn't take pictures of the atrocity that we were facing as it unfolded, but here are some pictures of what is now happening in my house.

The door to my laundry room is now sealed off-that's one way of getting out of doing laundry!
We have no hot water so I still get to wash dishes, I just have to do it the old fashioned way. That's right, I am getting in touch with my inner pioneer. I'm heating water on the stove and using it to fill the sink to wash dishes... Oh the humanity...

I have six of these little beauties in my house, all running at the same time. One of these going wouldn't be so bad, but six? My house sound like the tarmac at an airport. And to add a little timbre to the symphony that is my home they have to use an industrial strength dehumidifier as well. 

And now the room that started it all:

Guess what's on the other side of this wall? No clue? It's our master bathroom which is now also off limits too! They also had to remove some of the crown molding and baseboards to make sure that mold isn't lurking behind there as well...

So, with all of the chaos going on and Thanksgiving next week, I am hoping to have more posts done soon, but I can't be sure when. Oh, well. What doesn't kill us...

Don't worry about me. I have four friends to see me through!

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