Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bread Making Freebie

There are few things better than the smell of bread baking and this freebie may encourage me to get back into making home made bread. I'm not sure why I stopped making bread, but now I am thinking about bread making again!

Book Description:

One of the most common things used in your kitchen (besides your utensils and appliances) is probably bread. You can use it for toast in the morning or sandwiches for lunch. You would think that when using so much bread, making it home made would be just a bit more common. However, making home made bread is seen as more of a treat than a common task. Whether you eat white bread, whole wheat bread, or all sorts of other breads, making home made bread isn't as complicated as it seems. Sure, there are fancy bread makers that make it REALLY easy to make bread, but even without a home made bread maker, it’s not very complicated. 

You only need a few simple ingredients and a loaf pan to make your bread in. Depending on what kind of bread it is, the actual ingredients might change but the process is never too complicated. That's where Every Day Home Made Bread Recipes comes in. If you want your house smelling great, read some recipes from this cookbook and choose your favorite breads and soon you'll be reaping all the benefits of making bread without any of the hassle. 

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