Saturday, May 31, 2014

Breakfast Sandwich Cookbook

If you need breakfast on the go this may be a good freebie for you to pick up!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it makes sense to treat it so. With so many choices to make, it is hard to ensure you get the right balance and variety of taste experiences.

This breakfast cookbook contains many sandwich ideas for creating something that you can enjoy every morning. Whether you're looking for something quick and easy to get you out of the door on the weekdays or something heartier with more preparation for those lazy weekend mornings, we have you covered.

In this book, you will find the following categories:

Breakfast Sandwiches with Eggs - 18 Recipes

Breakfast Sandwiches without Eggs - 7 Recipes

Vegetarian Sandwiches - 21 Recipes

Sweet Sandwiches - 10 Recipes

The "Breakfast Sandwiches with Eggs" category has recipes that include meat and eggs. The "Breakfast Sandwiches without Eggs" category has recipes that include meat but no egg. The "Vegetarian Sandwiches" category has recipes that may include eggs, fish and dairy products. The "Sweet Sandwiches" category has recipes that are mainly sweet but some may also include a savory ingredient, cheese.

The amounts of any ingredients in these recipes can be altered to accommodate any food allergies or personal preferences. If you're making a breakfast sandwich for yourself or for the whole family, that is not a problem. Just adjust the amount of the ingredients you require to serve the exact number of people.

Many of the sandwiches can be made with either a sandwich maker or grill. If you don't own any of those, that is ok too. With a regular toaster and skillet, any of these sandwiches can be made without sacrificing taste or aesthetics.

These breakfast sandwich recipes offer international appeal. Recipe measurements are given in both Imperial and Metric units so that people around the world can enjoy their morning breakfast.

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