Saturday, May 31, 2014

Home Baked Bread Cookbook


Bread - nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through your home, then going downstairs and cutting a slice still warm from the oven and covering in butter! Delicious. 
Have you ever wanted to bake bread but just didn’t know where to start? Did you think that it was too difficult? 
Well think again because if you’ve ever wanted a fool proof way to bake bread, then this book has it. 
Bread making is not difficult if you follow a few basic steps and you will also know that your bread is better for you as it doesn’t have all the additives pumped into it that most supermarket breads have. 
And it is cheaper too – roughly half the cost of “in-store bakery” loaves which is only a good thing in this tough economic climate. 
WARNING! This book can turn you into an accomplished baker in next to no time and you will be producing beautiful and varied loaves that will make your friends and neighbours jealous! 
This book discusses the four main ingredients in baking (flour, yeast, salt and water) and then explains the science behind bread baking because if you know what’s going on, you will only get better at it and get great results EVERY time. 
Kneading, arguably the most important step in bread making is covered in great detail including photographs to help you visualise what is being done. In fact the entire process from weighing the ingredients to storing bread is beautifully illustrated with many photographs throughout the book. 

The book includes detailed sections on: 

Kneading (including tests to show that your dough has been kneaded sufficiently) 
Shaping dough into a round. 
Shaping your loaves/rolls etc. 
Adding glazes 
Storing bread 

Recipes include: 
Basic loaf 
Basic sourdough 
Soda bread 

There are handy quick reference recipe guides for the basic loaf and sourdough loaf which are easily printed out for keeping available in your kitchen. 

Also included are some handy conversion charts and a very helpful troubleshooting section describing the most common problems encountered by bakers and how to correct them. 

Note: Due to customer feedback imperial measurements for the recipes have also been included. 

All in all an essential read for the novice and expert baker alike. 

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