Friday, December 6, 2013

3 Cheese & Parsley Jasmine Rice

I apologize in advance for my lack of photography skills. I am working on it, but it is slow going...

This is an easy rice recipe that I enjoy. If you don't like the pungent taste of fresh parsley you can definitely leave it out and this rice is just as good.


2 c. Jasmine rice
3 c. water
2 tsp fresh chopped parsley
1/2 c cheese blend  
1 Tbsp. of butter cut up into smaller pieces

 I am not ashamed to use this pre-shredded cheese. I know the purists will not like this, but sometimes convenience is just too tempting to resist!

I use a rice cooker, they are extremely convenient. If you don't own one you can find them for pretty cheap now and they are definitely worth it!

When done add the parsley and cheese and mix well. 

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