Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Santa's 10 Favorite Christmas Cookies Freebie

Book Description:

Christmas Fun For the Whole Family! 
This e-book contains Santa’s 10 favorite Christmas cookie recipes for parents and children to make together. Now you don’t have to guess anymore about what to leave for Santa. He and his elves work hard all year making toys and delivering them on Christmas Eve, so why not leave him a treat you know he’ll love. Just make one or several of these treats and leave them for him on Christmas Eve. He’ll be so grateful. He may even leave you some extra gifts. If you’re on the naughty list, this can quickly move you to the nice list. 
These recipes are from the North Pole. Some of them are Mrs. Claus’ creations. Some were created by her kitchen elves. Two were left for Santa along with Christmas treats. Most of them contain his favorite cookie ingredients: chocolate, nuts, and coconut. 
The whole family can enjoy making these old-fashioned, delicious Christmas cookies. Making them together may start or reinforce a family tradition and help keep the magic of Santa going. 
Make these treats for: 

* Santa to enjoy on Christmas Eve 
* Christmas parties 
* Family gatherings 
* Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas dinner 

His favorite recipes are listed in reverse order. Gather the family, pick one or more recipes, and get the holiday magic started. 

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