Monday, December 30, 2013

Juicing For The Day

I'm trying to incorporate juicing into my life and so far and I am loving it. The only negative is that it does take a little preparation to have enough for the entire day, but once it's done you are set up for the day. Here's a combination that I made for today.

5 stalks of celery
2 handfuls of spinach
Half of a cantalope
1 beet 
4 carrots (peeled, tops & bottoms removed)
2 small apples
2 small oranges (peeled)
2 pears

I like to use a fine mesh sieve when I pour the juice into the jar. It takes what little pulp that makes it through the juicer out. I use a large mason jar to store the juice in the refrigerator throughout the day. 

This juice is yummy and I can easily finish it by the end of the day. Here's a warning to those who are new to juicing like me. The first day that I drank juice all day I must have gone to pee at least 10 times. I know that may be TMI, but none of the sites that I looked at during my hunt for information on juicing mentioned the number of times that you would have to go to the potty! It was annoying, but it does taper off!!

Don't worry I am not turning this into a juicing blog! I have been crazy busy with the family over the last couple of weeks and I didn't blog the things that I made, but hopefully now that things are going to get back to normal I will be able to get a good schedule going for my food blogging. 


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