Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Breakfast Cookbook Freebie

I'm not sure how long this one will be a freebie it may just be for today so grab it quick!

Book Description:

Christmas Morning is a very busy time
in my home and I am sure it is in yours as well. With this collection
of delicious breakfast and brunch recipes, you can quickly prepare
scrumptious muffins, scones, or breakfast casseroles on Christmas
Eve. This will allow you to spend more quality time with your family
on Christmas morning instead of in the kitchen baking. Make this
Christmas morning one to remember with any of these delicious

Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Casserole
Cheesy Bacon Hash Brown Casserole
Sausage and Cheese Casserole
Country Breakfast Casserole
Spinach and Cheese Breakfast Casserole
Mini Breakfast Casserole
Maple Sausage Casserole
Sweet and Savory Breakfast Casserole
Cheesy Breakfast Casserole

Simple Quiche
Cheesy Chicken Quiche
Bacon Cheddar Quiche
Bacon Asparagus Quiche
Mushroom and Spinach Quiche

Bacon Apple and Raisin French Toast
Baked French Toast
Baked Blueberry French Toast
Baked Strawberry Banana French Toast
Baked Cherry French Toast
Peach French Toast Casserole 
Luscious Lemon Raspberry Muffins
Almond Cherry Muffins
Wild Blackberry Muffins
Harvest Cinnamon Apple Muffins
Ripe Banana Muffins
Very Berry Cranberry Muffins
Peaches and Cream Muffins
Sour Cherry Lemon Muffins
Cowboy Southwestern Dinner Muffins
Cheddar Cheese Bacon Muffins
Cheddar Cheese Dill Muffins
Sausage Cheddar Muffins
Very Simple Scones
Rich Chocolate Chip Scones
Strawberry Patch Scones
Harvest Apple Scones
Berry Berry Cranberry Scones 
October Pumpkin Scones
Very Cherry Scones
Gingerbread Scones 
Cranberry Oat Scones 
Island Coconut Scones
Fresh Fig Scones

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