Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Junior's Home Cooking by Alan Rosen & Beth Allen

I love this cookbook! Junior's is a well known small chain of restaurants in New York with one restaurant in a casino in Connecticut, yet somehow I hadn't heard of them. I know-where have I been? I so want to visit just to try their famous cheesecake in all of it's many forms. However, cheesecake is not the only thing being served up at Junior's and if this cookbook represents what they are doing up there in New York, I seriously need to make a road trip. This cookbook is chocked full of easy to follow, simple, and drool inducing recipes. I can't even list what I have book marked to try, there are just too many. But I will say that their version of mac and cheese , meatball marinara, and their version of pickled cucumbers are all on that list. Don't worry, there are cheesecake recipes to be tried as well! One of the many things that I liked about this cookbook are the tips that they have for many of the recipes that they label as "The Junior's Way". The tip can be anything from stating that the roasting time for beets can be decreased if you wrap them inside foil packets to how to choose the best apples to make their home made apple sauce. They also have menu suggestions at the end of the book to help plan for gatherings. This cookbook has many lovely color photos that add to the drool factor and provides additional motivation to try these recipes that look so homey and comforting. I know that I am gushing over this book, but it may be one of my favorite finds this year. If you are looking for a cookbook full of comfort food that will be a cinch to make pick this one up and you won't be sorry! I will definitely be making and posting recipes from this cookbook to the blog. 

For full disclosure I received a copy of this cookbook in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description:

For more than 60 years, Junior’s Restaurants have been serving their customers scrumptious classic American dishes before they top off their meal with a decadent dessert or a slice of its award-winning cheesecake.

In Junior’s Home Cooking, Alan Rosen and Beth Allen bring Junior’s into home kitchens across the country, with recipes and stories that have been passed down through generations of the Rosen family. The family-friendly dishes have been scaled down and professionally tested so that every home cook can turn out a meal just like the made-from-scratch versions featured at Junior’s. In Junior’s signature style, all dishes are delicious, “bigger and better than ever,” and perfect for both family meal and holiday table.

Just like Junior’s other three books, this one will feature sidebars throughout on “The Junior’s Way”—tips and techniques to ensure the recipe turns out just as it should. In addition, ideas for “super-sizing” a recipe to feed 8 or more will be included. Junior’s fabulous recipes will be showcased by more than 40 full-page, four-color photographs.

Table of Contents:
Signature Salads
Super Soups
Sensational Sandwiches
Everyday Brunch
Daily Specials
The Bread Basket
Save Room For Dessert!
Menus for Enertaining at Home Like Junior's

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