Thursday, October 24, 2013

Easier Than Pie Freebie

Easier than Pie

This little Nook freebie was full of surprises. There are recipes for just about every category, there are recipes for smoothies, desserts, pastas, and even a few seafood recipes. There's a photo for each recipe and each recipe looked easy to make.

Book Description:

Of all the things I could have done as the culmination of my degree in graphic design, I chose to create a cookbook. I felt that the process of developing a cookbook best expressed the three major skills I have honed as an artist throughout my college career: photography, ceramics and design. These are also three disciplines which I hope to pursue after I complete my undergraduate education. But cooking always seems to relate back to some fond memories of togetherness. My mother used to help me bake cakes for the county fair, while my father and I continue to bond over the latest cooking shows. In college, I have found many good times have been shared over food, homemade or not, in dorm rooms, at parties, and in study sessions. I share these recipes with the hope that you too can enjoy friends, family and of course, food.

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