Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homemade Bread Cookbook Freebie

This is a nice freebie, each recipe has a nice picture along with it. The recipes look great like the one for cinnamon raisin bagels, chocolate chip bagels, and berry scones. There are also some unique recipes in it like one for Coconut Lime Loaf which I had never seen before so I will definitely be giving that one a try!


Book Description:

Why should you make your own bread? Simply put: it’s easier, healthier, and cheaper than what you can grab on the shelves of your grocery store. It contains no unnecessary ingredients or preservatives, and you have complete control over the final product. 

Once you get into the hang of it, making bread at home is easy. It will quickly become part of your routine, and you won’t miss store bought bread at all! 

This book contains tips and tricks for making the best bread possible, and many mouth-watering recipes to get started. Many of the recipes can be altered and tweaked to your preferences, with spices and additions added easily. 

In Addition, You Will Discover: 

- How to make conventional and non-conventional bread from scratch, 
- Tons of delicious bread recipes, with high definition photos to help you bring your recipes to life.

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