Monday, October 21, 2013

Nook Freebies

Over the weekend I received a message from a reader gently reminding me that not everyone has a Kindle and that some people actually like the Nook better and that when I post the freebies she has to go to B & N to see if the same thing is available through them and that it would be nice if I could post some Nook freebies as well. Guilty! I am sorry that I have not featured freebies for the Nook and I promise to stop being a Kindle snob! The oversight was not done maliciously and I receive no compensation for recommending free books, I simply didn't think about the fact that I may be leaving some people out of the freebie goodness. I have added the Nook app to my Kindle so that I can also partake of the freebies from B & N and take a look through the freebies before I post them. I do love my Kindle- it's my precious, my binkie, my lovie, my security blanket that guarantees that I am never alone or bored during those moments like waiting for my daughter to FINALLY come out of school or riding in a car for more than 5 minutes. So if I feel this way about my precious Kindle, I know that there are those of you out there that love their Nooks equally as much. Therefore, I will add at least 1 free Nook cookbook every day this week and will continue to post Nook freebies when I post ones from Amazon to hopefully make amends to all of you Nookies out there. Umm, maybe I should call you Nook lovers instead, Nookies sounds a little triple X doesn't it? So without further ado, here's freebie number one available for the Nook. It is not available from Amazon so if you have a Kindle you'll need to download the Nook app and then you can enjoy this one as well. 

This cookbook also has video links that you can click on for some of the recipes and it will link you to the corresponding video on YouTube, so that's pretty cool. It doesn't advertise that fact in the book description which is crazy because it's always nice to see a demo.

Book Description:

This is a collection of recipes that spans three generations of the Stilwell Family. The earliest dishes are from the 1800's. In it you'll learn some family trivia, tying some famous figures and world events to meals served in an average American home.

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