Friday, October 18, 2013

Free Yummy Pops

Book Description:

This Yummy Pops: Quick, Unique and Surprising Pops Recipes e-book is a treasure trove of helpful tips when it comes to creating great cake pops. We have meticulously explained the details of creating cake pops and added helpful tips to help you create the perfect cake pops without the need for trial and error! What’s more, this e-book recipe has a multitude of base cake recipes for pops that you can mix and match with frostings for a delightful and surprising treat! 

Do you have an unannounced gathering tomorrow? What to serve, what to prepare? This cake pop e-book recipe is also filled with a step by step cake pop designs that are suitable for all occasions, too! Creating yummy pastries is now a breeze with this helpful e-book recipe.

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