Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Love Food Classics Freebie

This Nook freebie is a good one! The pictures are wonderful and there are many recipes that I have already bookmarked to try. The only glitch that I could find is that I can't view this title on my Nook app for Kindle, when I went to find it I got an error message saying that this title could not be viewed on this device. Boooo and hiss! But it views just fine on my PC with no trouble and it is lovely so I suppose that I will stop complaining about something that I got for free!


Book Description:

With over one million copies sold, Parragon's Love Food imprint has become a staple in cookbook collections across the world. Explore some of the best-loved recipes from this cookbook series in this sampler, covering small bites, hearty main dishes, delicious desserts, and more! Love Food has something for everyone.

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