Monday, September 2, 2013

Green Smoothie Joy

Unfortunately I bought this book in it's physical form and I would have much rather have paid the digital price of  $1.99 at Amazon. For cookbooks I love having the actual book, but this one I could have done without owning the physical copy. I am trying to adjust my eating habits and trying to include more clean eating so I thought smoothies would be a great way to go for breakfast and/or lunch. I looked at quite a few green smoothie books at a few book stores and found that most of them are a little on the skimpy side. This book is pretty substantial with a lot of smoothie recipes and that was really the biggest reason that I chose it. Well, bigger isn't always better. I've tried quite a few and honestly there are just so many combinations that I think any one person is going to like and it doesn't really take a smoothie book to figure that out. There are a few recipes that are just down right yucky. The worst offender for me was the Cacao Green Smoothie, sounds yummy right? Yeah, not so much. So all in all, I think that you would be better off looking online and searching YouTube to find recipes that real people have created and drink on a regular basis. Check out my links list on the right of the blog to see a few I like. All of the smoothie recipes that I have adapted and used comes from sources other than this book. Yet, the eBook is only $1.99 and if I had only spent that I would feel much better about having bought something to just get a baseline for what I would eventually end up doing, but the $14.95 that I spent at the bookstore makes me very sad...

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